How Do You Restore Water Damage?

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Somis, CA

Water restoration is an issue that is extremely time sensitive. Irreversible damage can be done if the process of water damage clean up and water damage restoration is not addressed immediately. Let’s take a look at how to restore water damage and the immediate steps needed in the process.

Water Damage Restoration

Step 1

Get an assessment of the damage. One has to see how much damage has been done so work can begin. Therefore, get a professional to come for an inspection to get the procedure started. A good professional should have up to date and innovative equipment. Advanced hygrometers and moisture detectors are some of the equipment that professionals use to get an idea and assess just how much water damage has been done along with the amount of work and what repairs will be needed. Professionals will be able to use their expertise to pinpoint the damage location. Also, during the inspection an important step is to get the damage classified into one of four categories. The classes range from a class 1 which is minor to class 4 which is extensive. A class 4 is used when the water has been absorbed and deeply soaked into the sheetrock and flooring that removing the material is the only answer.

Step 2

Get to work with water removal. It is essential to start immediately getting rid of standing water as it can continue to do damage and cause even more deterioration. Extraction of the water is vital especially in places like basements as mold and mildew can grow quickly.

Step 3

Starts after the water has been extracted, then dehumidification and drying can start. Again, the best equipment is needed as professionals use industrial-quality air movers and dehumidifiers to dry material. In this step moisture levels are continuously monitored by water mediation specialists ensuring all is dry, so, when ready step 4 can begin.

Step 4

Begins after everything is dry as cleared by the water mediation specialists and that step is to start the cleaning and sanitizing process. Professional cleaners come in to clean and preserve as much property as possible. One should have experts as they will ensure safety and they will ensure everything is sanitized. Also, these professional experts should have the most up to date, advanced, and innovative equipment to clean.

Step 5

Complete the process of restoring. This step is to finalize things by returning them back to the pre-damaged state. Items that were damaged beyond repair will be replaced and the simply minor damage will be repaired.

Water damage can occur anytime or anywhere and can happen due to a burst pipe, flooding, water heater; and even, acts of God like a hurricane, tornado or typhoon, etc. However, it does not matter what the cause is as long as steps are taken quickly to begin cleaning and getting things restored. It can not be emphasized enough that time is of the essence and is not on one’s side when it comes to water damage; in fact, time is crucial and critical.