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Basements and crawl spaces are vulnerable to moisture. Vortex Restoration’s expert basement and crawl space encapsulation services can help keep your space dry.

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Basement and Crawl Space Encapsulation

Because basements and crawl spaces are dug into the ground, they are more susceptible to temperature fluctuations and moisture than other parts of your home or office building. High humidity and moisture issues can cause mold growth and decreased indoor air quality, which, if left unchecked, can negatively affect the health of the people in your home or business. A crawl space vapor barrier attempts to solve this problem, but they do not take it far enough. You need a crawl space moisture barrier that is foolproof, and will offer you an airtight solution to pests, mold, and moisture. Vortex Restoration specializes in crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier installation, and our professionals can take care of all your crawl space insulation and crawl space repair needs.
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Problems Caused by Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces experience many mold-related problems because of how they are situated underground in a home or business. They often have dirt floors, and water from the surrounding foundation walls can leach into the floor or walls. There are several problems associated with crawl spaces and mold, which can be potentially serious problems that cause eye, skin, lung irritations, and decreased indoor air quality.

Vapor Barrier

If your home or office is experiencing moisture, humidity, or musty air in your crawl space or basement, crawl space vapor barriers are important to keep out the mold. Crawl space insulation and crawl space moisture barriers, often in the form of black plastic, are usually put in place to try to reduce moisture. However, this crawl space vapor barrier system is not sealed, and could result in moisture leaking through. You need a plastic vapor barrier installation that is more foolproof. Call the experts at Vortex Restoration to talk about your crawl space vapor barrier or crawl space repair.


In order to truly solve the problem, the experts at Vortex Restoration will diagnose and solve your moisture problem with crawl space encapsulation. Not only do they offer crawl space repair, but also can create crawl space vapor barriers that truly encapsulate your crawl space. The vapor barrier installation will eradicate the moisture that leads to mold, and make your home or business a safer place. The crawl space encapsulation will encapsulate the area and make the crawl space airtight, making it more difficult for air, humidity or water to enter. Vortex Restoration is skilled in sealing the vents that open to the rest of the house and sealing the floor wall and floor liners. Negative air machines prevent contamination to the rest of the home, and a sump pump and a dehumidifier is used when necessary to get the crawl space back on track if there is standing water or excess moisture.

If you call the professionals at Vortex Restoration, your vapor barrier installation will be hassle free and extremely effective. Not only will we apply crawl space insulation and a crawl space moisture barrier, but they ultimately save you money on heating and cooling because your air is not escaping. We also offer crawl space repair for your home or business if something has already gone wrong. Call Vortex Restoration today at 805-515-3786 and encapsulate your crawl space against future mold growth and excess water and moisture worries!

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