5 Signs You Might Have A Water Leak

Professional water damage restoration services

It’s bad enough to experience a sudden flash flood or a burst pipe, which leads to flood damage in your home. But what is even worse is having an insidious water leak, one that drips in secret until the problem is beyond repair. Water damage restoration is the cure for a water leak, but the water removal needs to happen as soon as possible. You need to constantly be on the lookout in your home to make sure that water removal takes place if you have a water leak. If you find any of the 5 signs of a water leak, call a water damage restoration company immediately to offer water damage repair to your home.

High Water Bills

One clue that you have a leak is if your water bill suddenly skyrockets. There are several tips to analyzing your water bills:

  • Analyze your bill in January or February. Anything over 12,000 gallons a month for a family of four is cause for concern.
  • You can also check your water usage at home. Before you leave for the day, check the number on your meter. If it is higher when you return, then you have a leak.
  • If your bill is extremely high, check your toilet, as they are a huge culprit of leaks. Replacing the flush ball is a simple fix.

Mold and Mildew

If you see the telltale black smudges on walls or smell a musty odor, you might have a mold problem. Caused by anything from a leaking washing machine hose to uninsulated pipes, where there is moisture and humidity, mold and mildew soon follow. Mold can cause serious health problems, so if you have sudden cold symptoms or a bad headache, it could be mold. Water damage restoration companies specialize in mold, and you will need a professional to deal with it if you find it.

Reduced Water Pressure

Water pressure problems can be caused by problematic valves, a buildup of sediment in the pipes, or leaky pipes. If your valves are okay, and you suddenly can’t take a shower without the water pressure dropping, you might have a leak.

Sagging or Stained Ceilings

If your ceiling is saggy or discolored, you have a serious problem that you need to take care of immediately. If there are stains or markings in your ceiling, the leak could be in an upstairs bathroom or the leak could be coming from the roof. By the time you see the stains, the leak has been there a while, so make sure to call a water damage restoration specialist as soon as you see it, as the water damage repair will need to begin immediately.

Damaged Flooring

There are several rooms in your house that could suffer damaged flooring that are signs of a water leak. The bathroom floor, if discolored or squishy, could have a leaking toilet or a pipe underneath the floor. The same problem applies to the kitchen, or you might notice cracked or raised tiles. And if your basement carpet smells musty, there might be a leak in the pipes under your floor.

If you see a leak in any of the areas discussed, contact a water damage restoration company for water damage repair. And understand that time is of the essence; the longer the leak goes on, the more flood damage there will be. If you keep your eyes open to the above possibilities, you will be able to solve the problem with the help of a water damage restoration specialist.


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