The Dangers Of Leaving Water Damage Untreated

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Somis, CA

Water damage is one of the most insidious enemies for a homeowner or a business owner. Since water damage can sneak in undetected, you can have a major problem within a short amount of time, and not even realize it. Additionally, flood damage can be caused by more catastrophic events, and lead to the same type of damage if left untreated: a ruined home or business structure, corroded pipes, and mold. Water damage restoration is imperative if you have experienced water damage in your home or business, and you need to hire a reputable water damage restoration company fast.

Floors and Walls

Water wreaks havoc with the drywall on your walls and ceilings. When drywall on your walls and ceilings comes into contact with water, it swells like a sponge, causing your walls and ceilings to become misshapen and waterlogged. Along with being an eyesore, this flood damage and water damage affects the sound structure of your home. Water damage restoration is required to get your walls and ceilings back into living condition, even if it means ripping out the drywall and starting over.

Water Damage You Can’t See

Not all water damage is immediately evident to your eyes. Water is sneaky and can cause so much damage below the surface of what you can see. A solid water damage restoration company knows all of the secret places that water damage hides and will help you create an action plan to treat the problem with speed and accuracy. Some of the places water damage hides include:

  • Tiny leaks that corrode pipes.
  • Water that can short circuit electrical wiring.
  • Leaks that can ruin your subfloor underneath carpeting.
  • Water that can eat away concrete in your foundation.

The problem with water damage you can’t see is that by the time you find it, a large amount of damage has probably occurred. Keeping your eye on small leaks or tiny spots of mold will help you to prevent larger problems before they occur.

Health Issues

There are many health issues that are caused by water damage. Beyond the structural repairs that your home or business might need, your health is something you should do everything to protect. Because of this, a quality water damage restoration company is necessary to keep your families and co-workers safe. Mold is one of the worst things to come from flood damage, and it can easily grow within 48 hours of the water damage or flood damage. This causes respiratory symptoms, headaches, confusion, and other health problems. Water from flood damage also contains bacteria and microbes that can linger long after your furniture and belongings have dried. These can cause a host of health problems and should be dealt with immediately.

Leaving water damage untreated will cost more in the long run in terms of your money and your health. A professional water damage restoration company knows exactly what to do to salvage your walls and ceilings, find hidden leaks you can’t see, and keep your health intact. Water damage is more powerful than you would believe, and the results can be long-lasting. Treating water damage immediately gives you the best chance of repairing your home or business for the least amount of damage to your time, money, and health.

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