The 5 Best Tips To Prevent Mold Growth

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Mold is a sneaky enemy that will enter your home without you even realizing it. The mold damage you can incur and the mold remediation that will be necessary can affect both your life and your wallet. Mold can cause health problems ranging from cold symptoms to headaches to cognitive problems. And if mold occurs, you will face costly mold remediation damages. Stopping the problem before it starts is a much better idea, so keep your eye on these tips to prevent mold growth.

Fix Your Leaks

One of the most prolific causes of mold in a home is leaky pipes. And it doesn’t take a lot of water to create mold. Catching mold damage before it happens is imperative to avoid costly mold remediation. By making it a habit to check the pipes in your basement, and those behind your toilets and under your sinks, you will be able to spot leaks before they become a bigger problem.

Keep Your Home Dry

There are several ways that you can bring moisture into your home without even realizing it. Make sure to clean up any spills immediately, including but not limited to the following:

  • Any shower water that leaks out of the tub or drain.
  • Any sink overflow in kitchen, bathroom, or utility room.
  • Water or other drinks that spill.
  • Wet clothes if someone got caught in the rain.
  • All of the above, especially if they land on carpet, which is very hard to get dry, and locks in the humidity.

Use Household Exhaust Fans

The exhaust fans in your home are meant to prevent mold damage and avoid the possibility of mold remediation for your family. In the kitchen, make sure to use the exhaust fan above the stove any time you are boiling water or making things like soups on the stovetop. This will keep humidity out of the air and prevent the growth of mold. In the bathroom, commit to using the exhaust fans when you shower, as humidity in small bathrooms is another way that mold can grow.

Know Your Home’s Humidity

Humidity, or the moisture in the air, can lead to mold damage. By purchasing a hygrometer, you can keep tabs on your home’s humidity in real time. Experts advise a humidity of 30-50 percent. Anything above 60 percent humidity and you may incur mold damage. Using a dehumidifier will help you to regulate the humidity in the air.

Keep the Windows Open

If you keep the windows open, not only will you be getting fresh air in your home, but you will also mitigate the likelihood of mold. With the windows open, the fresh air balances the percentage of humidity in your home, and this makes costly mold remediation less likely.

Mold damage happens fast and is much more expensive than you probably realize. Calling in a professional mold remediation team is both imperative and costly if mold overtakes your home. The best choice is to prevent mold growth before it starts. By using the five tips above, you will be able to stop the damage before it starts.


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