Different Types of Water Damage That Require Water Damage Restoration

Water Restoration in Malibu, CA

At Vortex Restoration, here in Camarillo, CA, we know that any kind of water damage to your home or business can be alarming, unexpected, and overwhelming. This is why our professional team provides 24/7 emergency service for a multitude of disasters, including major water damage. We think that knowledge about water damage is a great first step in being prepared to deal with it, so in this post we will discuss the different kinds of water that can cause damage to your property.

Clean Water

Clean water, while still needing treatment to prevent further damage and the growth of mold in your home or business, does not pose an immediate health risk itself. Damage that comes from clean water is also often referred to as Category 1 water damage. The source of an influx of this type of water is often from rain, snow, and toilet holding tanks containing clean water. Important to remember, water damage is only considered Category 1 if it comes from a sanitary water source and should still be considered a water incident that should be addressed by a professional like Vortex Restoration in Camarillo, CA

Gray Water

Gray water, also known as Category 2 water damage or sullage, refers to water that is not clean, but may not necessarily be toxic. This water may come from an overflowing bathtub or shower, washing machine, dishwasher, or sink. It doesn’t contain pathogens like Category 3 water damage, but should still be taken seriously and properly handled and removed by a professional, as this water can still contain contaminants and like and water, if left untreated, can cause more damage to your home and business and the growth of mold. If you notice your carpeting, furniture, drywall, or any other part of your property has been excessively exposed to this kind of water, be careful to begin the cleaning process on your own. This category of water does pose potential immediate health risks. It’s key to contact a professional company like Vortex Restoration, as soon as possible because this Category 2 water damage can develop into Category 3 water damage in as little as 48 hours.

Black Water

Black water, also known as Category 3 water damage, is water that has been contaminated with toxic waste such as human waste or other dangerous pathogens. This is water that you may expect to come from flushed toilets, broken sewage pipes, and other sources that may contain waste. This classification of water is full of dangerous bacteria and pathogens that need to be professionally and responsibly cleaned. Water that comes from major storms or hurricanes should also be considered as Category 3 water damage because there is no way to know what contaminates the water contains. This unsanitary water is considered the most dangerous and can pose immediate health risks when someone comes in contact with it.

Time To Contact Vortex Restoration

If your home or business incurs any major exposure to water, it is always a good idea to bring in a professional team like the one at Vortex Restoration, also servicing the surrounding areas. If you are in need of water restoration services in Camarillo, CA contact us as soon as you can so we can begin the process of getting your space back to normal!