Can I Do Fire Damage Restoration Myself? Four Reasons You Should Hire Professionals

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Company in Camarillo, CA

Dealing with fire damage in your home or business is probably something you do not want to do on your own. Luckily, it is actually recommended that you involve a team of Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration professionals, like our crew at Vortex Restoration. No matter the size of the fire or the amount of damage done, fire damage restoration is always a complex job. Many times there is also often water damage and mold damage from the process of extinguishing the fire, as well as damage to your plumbing and water appliances. So one already stressful and complicated restoration job has now turned into three! This creates a lot of work for someone to do alone, especially without the knowledge and proper training necessary to tackle the task at hand. If you are considering taking on the task of fire and smoke damage restoration on your own, here are four great reasons why it is best to put your trust in a professional fire and smoke restoration company, like Vortex Restoration.


Smoke and Soot Damage

Smoke and soot create tiny particles that are an absolute nightmare to clean properly without the right products and equipment. Conventional cleaning methods and products tend to make matters worse, embedding the particles into fabrics and porous surfaces and making them impossible to remove. This often causes the need to throw away personal belongings or replace fixtures that may have been able to be salvaged if handled properly. If smoke damage is not removed in its entirety, there is also a chance that your residential or commercial property will be left with a foul, lingering odor until the damage is eradicated completely.


Health And Safety Risks

It is common knowledge that smoke causes many serious injuries and fatalities during a fire, but did you know it can affect your health even after the fire has been put out? The chemicals and pollutants created by the smoke will remain in the property, making it a hazardous situation for those who are not trained in the proper procedures and don’t have the protective gear needed to keep them safe. Another health hazard is the water that may be in your property. Water spreads rapidly, and comes into contact with many unsavory things like chemicals, allergens, and even raw sewage. These contaminants can present bacteria, germs, and even bloodborne pathogens that can wreak havoc on your health. On top of that, if the areas exposed to water damage are not cleaned and sanitized properly, there is a risk that you can contract the illnesses or be exposed to bacteria long after the home or business has been restored.

The damage that was caused by the fire also presents its own physical risks as well. Drywall, flooring, and other structural components of your property may have been damaged or become weakened during the fire, and could collapse and cause serious injury.


The Risks Of Damage Left Behind

As we mentioned with the smoke and contaminants in the water, any sign of damage left behind can cause extensive damage over time. This is also true with water damage and mold damage, as these can eat away at their hosts without you knowing until the problem is out of control.


Experience And Equipment

Lastly, having the experience and equipment needed to complete the job will save so much time and money. There is no need to learn about the restoration process, or spend time doing jobs twice if they were not done properly the first time, and no need to pay for expensive equipment, tools, and products that you will only need to use during this process. 

Get your home or business returned to its original state quicker, and with less stress to you in an already stressful situation. If you find yourself in need of fire and smoke damage restoration, contact Vortex Restoration. We offer 24/7 emergency services and will be there for you right away in your time of need.