5 Uncommon Places to Find Mold in Your Home

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Do you suspect mold in your home? If yes, then you need to carry out mold testing and mold removal and remediation as soon as possible. But do you have a background or experience in dealing with mold problems? If you don’t, then you need to call a mold removal contractor to do the job right.

Mold growth inside your home is detrimental to your family’s health. It can cause respiratory and skin problems and even damage to your home’s structure. With a professional mold test, you’ll determine the extent of your mold problems. Homeowners should seek the help of a qualified and experienced mold removal contractor for proper mold removal and remediation.

Mold growth can happen to any home especially those in humid environments or that are prone to storms. Even though most people do general cleaning, they can forget to check out certain places that mold can grow for months without anyone noticing. The following are some of these unusual places:

  • Kitchen and Living Room Chimneys

Mold grows in the most unusual places that house cleaners cannot see or expect to find. Most of them clean the visible areas only and forget the hidden sites. Most chimneys have bricks, especially the outside areas that need regular checking too.

The bricks are cold and moist during the cold season, making them perfect for the mold to grow. Other organics are also found there, which makes it even more convenient. Additionally, the chimney caps collect a lot of rain and snow, making it even more favorable for mold growth.

  • Carpets

People living in a damp and cold house can relate to this scenario. Most homes that are based in cold environments have carpets. However, carpets not only keep the feet safe from touching the cold floors but also hide molds because they are close to the cold floor. Therefore, carpets are primarily damp, which makes them a convenient environment for mold to grow.

To avoid mold growth underneath the carpet, it is best always to remove the carpet and clean the floor regularly. It is also advised to use at least more than one carpet. In this way, homeowners can change the carpet easily if they need to wash one stained area.

  • Air Conditioners

Some of the contributing factors for mold growth include dirt and pollen grains. So, when the air conditioner (AC) attracts air, it carries all of these elements. Even machines and appliances that haven’t been in use for a long time harbor dirt and put your home at risk for mold invasion.

Some air conditioners may also be damp, making it easier for mold to live in them. To prevent this problem, homeowners should run their air conditioners and clean them regularly. Keep the air conditioner in a dry area that won’t likely attract dust particles in warm and hot seasons.

  • Attic

As mentioned, any form of damp, wet, or cold area makes a good place for mold to thrive and proliferate. Therefore, if the house has water leaks, like slab leaks, especially when it rains, be sure to inspect and test mold around that area.

The attic is characterized by cold and dust particles. Therefore, it is possible to find mold growing in this area of the house. To avoid mold growth, check the attic and clean it regularly. Mold removal and remediation services can help homeowners eliminate mold and learn how to keep their homes mold-free

  • Bathroom Doors and Windows

The bathroom is an always wet area of a house. People routinely forget to wash the bathroom windows, doors, and tile corners. Unfortunately, those places are the favorable growing areas of mold.

Some people don’t even wash their bathrooms. Sounds crazy but, some homeowners assume the bathroom is clean and doesn’t need regular scrubbing because it’s a place where people take a bath or shower. However, this wrong assumption should change. A regular bathroom cleaning routine is essential to avoid nuisance mold growth. In addition, in case your overnight house guests want to take a shower, you won’t feel embarrassed allowing them to use your clean bathroom.

In Conclusion

Molds are very unhealthy to have in the house. Therefore, homeowners should stay on the lookout for any chances of mold growing, especially in the uncommon places we listed above. Avoid damp and dusty areas at home as they will be a convenient growing spot for mold. If you’re unsure how to check hidden mold and resolve a mold problem, you should call your trusted mold removal company today!